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Dhaka worst-affected in world by urban heat

Dhaka is the most affected city in the world due to the dangerous urban heat, as per an analysis published in The Guardian yesterday. In the years 1983-2016 between 1983 and 2016, when the city's population increased significantly, Bangladesh's capital witnessed an growth of 575 million person-days (the amount of people who are that is exposed to the cumulative heat of an aforementioned year for an area) in extreme heat the study found. Other cities that experienced rapid growth in population include Shanghai as well as Guangzhou within China, Yangon in Myanmar, Bangkok in Thailand and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Guardian reported the study as declaring. Based on the research, exposure to the deadly urban heat has doubled since the 1980s and now affects almost one-quarter of the world's population. Scientists have put the alarming trend on the back of the combination of rising temperatures and increasing populations of urban areas. They warned of th